About Us

Arkar Kabar Travels and Tours

Hello! Mingalarbar!

Greetings from the ARKAR KABAR Co.,Ltd!

The Arkar Kabar Travels and Tours is one of the under branch sectors of Arkar Kabar Co.,Ltd. The company was established in 2012 with register no: 3922/ 2011-2012 recognized by the Ministry of Planning and Finance. Basically, the company has been operating in Construction Sector, Travels and Tours Sector and Agriculture Sector.

The Arkar Kabar Travels and Tours sector has been recently established in order to show how Myanmar is beautiful and how people of Myanmar are hospitable to visitors not only from abroad but also for local people.

Moreover, we, family of Arkar Kabar, warmly welcome you. It doesn’t matter you are from abroad or Europe or Asia or Africa or local, we will care all of you and must be same and equal. We are sure to give you our hospitality and best services to all visitors.

We believe you will taste the beauty of Myanmar and observe traditions of ethnic races as well as cultural heritages. Please allow us opportunities to bring you all of destinations sites across the country.

We must be part of yours! You must be ours! We must be your family!

The Founder of Arkar Kabar Travels and Tours