Tourism Services

Arkar Kabar Travels and Tours

We offering and accepting the following services:

Services of getting permission for Caravan, Motorbike and bicycle tours
  • Assisting to smooth entering to Myanmar through border check points
  • Applying to get permission from the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism, but it will take about 2 weeks (working days) attached with Visa copy, scanned passport copy and vehicle or bike lists
  • Drawing tour package for whole itinerary including guide, hotels, vehicle, Liaison Officer from the ministry
  • Arranging necessary things depend on clients’ demand
Services of formulating tour packages for traveling to all destinations sites in Myanmar
  • Arranging tour package not only for intended destinations sites from our company but also for drawing new tour packages across the country based on client’s demand
  • Accepting and offering to cooperate with both international and local travel agencies
  • Planning to include sport tours or adventure tours in any places across the country except restricted areas
  • Offering family tours, pilgrimage tours, wedding tours, holiday’s tours, Luxury tours, Diving tours, Yachting tours, visiting on islands, trekking and meditation tours
  • Planning the following types of tourism: Ecotourism, Community Based Tourism, etc…
Services of buying air tickets, bus tickets and train tickets to any destination sites
For detailed information and anything you want to know, you can inquire through our email